handcrafted, small-batch ice cream

marché maman x milkmade

looking for a better, more natural pint, milkmade founder diana hardeman took matters into her own hands and started crafting small-batch "dream 'screams". since 2009, she's been on a mission to deliver the perfect pint using responsible methods.

drawing inspiration from their surroundings, milkmade's made-from-scratch products all come with a story. now, the milkmaids have crafted an exclusive menu of 'screams for maman, using high-quality, natural & locally-sourced ingredients.

milkmade signature 'screams:
amagansett sea salt caramel
gotham basil chip
cobbler hill
fine, vanilla

milkmade x maman custom 'screams:
lavender chocolate
matcha stracciatella
cookie cookie dough
coffee crème brûlée 





taste milkmade at marché maman 12pm-7pm daily

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