Caitlin drinking (Esther Laseur).jpg


In the maman family from the beginning and still lovin’ it.
Meet Caitlin, one of our lead baristas (toby’s estate certified) at
maman soho on Centre St.

When she’s hungry: audra sandwich (pesto, mozzarella, olive
tapenade & herb roasted tomatoes)

When she’s craving something sweet: white chocolate pretzel
cookie (fresh out the oven)

When you want to treat Caitlin to a coffee: black iced coffee or a cappuccino

Her story:

I grew up in Pennsylvania but after I graduated I moved to New York City to get my masters in educational theatre and costume design. I’ve been an instructor in costume design and sewing, and I’ve worked in a costume shop at The Juilliard School for over two years. I’ve spent many hours behind the sewing machine without any talking or social contacts, which is very different from working at maman. Three years ago I met Ben, the co-owner of maman. I was looking for a part-time job in the neighborhood and Ben was opening a store at that time. They were still doing construction on it and I saw everything change into what it is now. In addition to Soho I’ve worked at every maman location there is (apart from Toronto) and I love the environment so much that I am a fulltime maman barista right now. When I am at maman, I just feel like it’s such a more social environment than sitting behind my sewing machine. I’ve met so many people from all over the world! We have a lot of regulars too that come in every day, we know them by name and when you don’t see them you start wondering “where are they, are they okay”?

“the smell of fresh warm cookies”

The first thing I think of when I think about maman is the smell of fresh, warm cookies. Whenever I smell them, it’s like a sense of happiness: warm cookies, friends, people that I love, it’s just nice … I experience maman as kind of rustic with a domestic and warm feeling. It’s interesting to see how all of the maman locations share this feeling, but where they are located in the city gives them each such a different and unique vibe.

When I am not working at maman you can find me sewing or cooking, it’s my other half. Sometimes I sew some clothes for myself or for a project. Someone might ask: “Can you make me 20 pillow cases? Sure!”. Besides that, cooking is my favorite thing to do. Cooking is just like art: The art of making elaborate meals for family and friends. I also travel to Pennsylvania very often, to be with my family.

I feel like I am on a new life trajectory, and I don’t know where it’s leading me. I have a feeling that I’m going down some type of path of hospitality. And I don’t know how I want to share my hospitality with the world yet, but I want to. Whether it’s a store, or some type of experience I can offer people, I just loving hosting and I love making a whole scene. I would love to have something on my own. I just love people. We will see!

“I just love people”